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Do you have a plan for your estate? Who's going to make your medical decisions or who will take care of your children? When you choose Dunn & Hemphill, P.A., you'll get the experience from a seasoned team of attorneys regarding probate and administration matters.


You can trust our team to transfer all your assets according to your will. If you don't have a will, our team can transfer your assets as well.

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Not every will requires probate. Sometimes the law allows the estate to be settled with a more streamlined administration. Benefit from our consultation to determine the most efficient method of transferring assets of the decedent.


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  • Probate: When there is Mississippi real and/or personal property titled in the name of someone that has died a resident of this state and that property is not owned with one or more persons jointly with rights of survivorship, in most situations Mississippi law requires that that person’s last will and testament be probated. The probate of a will is the judicial process through which a document is proven to be someone’s true and valid last will and testament and, unless so probated and proved, no testamentary writing can have the effect of a will.


  • Administration: If there is no will, then Mississippi law requires that a legal administration be conducted through the appropriate Chancery Court to establish the heirs of the deceased person so that the title to the property can clearly pass to those entitled to receive it, as it would under the terms of a person’s last will and testament, if they had one. If there is no will, the Chancery Courts also require that a Determination of Heirship be done to establish who the true heirs of the deceased person were. Without a determination of heirship, title to real property may be affected and complicate the sale of any property held in the individual’s name alone.